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[MMD] Berserker Undyne (Undertale) by DrStinger [MMD] Berserker Undyne (Undertale) by DrStinger
This is something I had in mind for a few days. Back in time when I was at High School, I took a class called myths and legends and Norse Mythology was one of the big topics. As you can see, this is Undyne as a Berserker from Norse Mythology. Usually Berserkers wear animal pelts on their backs as capes. I couldn't really find a good one so I used inspiration from various MMORPG games. And no guys, she is also not from any AU at all. Don't bother asking me what AU she's from; and no, she's not from Berserktale! I did not get any of this from Berserktale at all. I came up with this on my own. I'm trying to make her as a warrior who fight with trance like furry, something like this for example…. And yes, she uses axes instead of spears, deal with it. That aside, I hope you guys like my new model.

Axes: Jalmod 


Base: Rita-Monstrita 
Face: Nashie-C 
Hair: RageXYZ (Original by illusion)
Bra: Nakao
Skull: Valforwing
Horns: YamiSweet
Shoulder pad: Nintendraw
Front skirt: AnimeNebula003
Hip and arm pads and Eye patch: MMDFakewings18 
Leg ribbon: TheGirlNamedSig
Right arm armor: amiamy111
Choker for the legs: KuroKanon and DisastrousBunny
Choker for the neck: FlamesOfDrkness 
Chains: o-DSV-o
Boots: TheMikuDancer
Fins from the shark base: LilMissLillie
Fins for the head: MMDxDespair
Mask: JoanAgnes
Teeth from the Mileena Model: MrWhitefolks
Tounge: KartKast
Eye texture: UtauRueCross

Undyne duo Icon Nope Nope Nope!! Shit NO! Tiny Sprite Undyne Tiny Sprite Swap Undyne [Undertale] Undyne the Undying Chat Icon HAV - Hagar the Horrible 
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Spitfireb-laziken Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Student Artist
um what software did you use to make this?
DrStinger Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Think about it. Why do you think I put MMD on my submissions.
Spitfireb-laziken Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Student Artist
oh that's what the software is called. i thought it was just the type of model
Spitfireb-laziken Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Student Artist
so undyne when you tell her anime isn't real
Spitfireb-laziken Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Student Artist
It was a Joke silly
DrStinger Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You can say that, but that's not really the reason why she is like this. This is Undyne as a Berserker. I got this from Studying Norse Mythology.
applebloomdust Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so epic. She looks so badass.
The-Nightmare-Raven Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
Not sure if I should find this impressive, or deeply unsettling.  Well done either way
AnimeNebula003 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! Best Undyne I've seen so far, well done. :D
DrStinger Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Really? Thanks:D I got this from studying Norse Mythology.
AnimeNebula003 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well you did a fine job, you're very welcome and I hope you will continue to create these amazing model edits of yours. :D
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October 23, 2017
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